What the heck is a mini session?

Mini sessions are condensed photoshoots offered once a year as a budget-friendly and time-friendly way to update your photos before the holidays. While a full session takes place over a larger space for exploration, more image variety, and yields a high number of images; mini sessions happen in one location in a single day with back-to-back 20-minute sessions. The short time is perfect for small children (and dads) with short attention spans and the fall foliage makes for a beautiful backdrop.

Is a mini session right for me?

By their very nature, mini sessions are.... mini. Sometimes chaotic with small children, we've got 20 minutes to get some beautiful images of your family - no problem! These short sessions pack a lot of punch! They're perfect for holiday cards and gifts for grandparents! However, if you like a more laid-back session with time to play together, or your kids need time to warm up to a stranger, or you want to choose your location and have more images in your final gallery...then a full session might be a better choice for you.

Where will they take place?

Mini sessions will take place in either Rabun County Georgia OR Macon County NC on Saturday, October 21 2023. Exact location is still in the works.

Limited spots available!