About Me

First things first, I am a terrible dancer.

The toilet paper aisle of any store renders me completely immobile. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CHOICES?

I’m a Yankee city-girl gone southern country. I live in a rural southern town and I’ve never lived anywhere so small, but so completely enchanting.

For some reason, I find manatees very unsettling.

I love the outdoors and Thai food and traveling.

The most embarrassing moment of my life occurred in 4th grade in which I ended up in my underpants at recess by the swing set. It’s a long story. 

Florence is one of my favorite cities on earth. 

I love coffee and chocolate and cheese and bourbon and a good cigar. Not necessarily all together but probably in that order.

I love photographing people. I like to think I have a knack for really seeing who people truly are, and capturing it with my camera. I'll let you be the judge.




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""That shoot was the most at peace with any experience I've felt in a long time. Your ability to make the shoot and moments feel intimate and special is truly a gift. We feel more connected and in tune with each other than we have in weeks because you reminded us to slow down and just go with it. Thank you""

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